Oklahoma officials say they are not ready for next execution, asking for delay

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Charles Warner

MCALESTER, Okla. – The Oklahoma Attorney General is asking for a delay in the execution of a convicted murderer.

Charles Warner’s execution was originally scheduled to take place on April 29, the same day as Clayton Lockett’s execution.

Warner’s execution was eventually stayed after problems arose during Lockett’s execution.

Since that time, the Oklahoma State Department of Corrections has implemented new requirements and procedures surrounding how the state carries out executions.

Warner’s execution has since been rescheduled for Nov. 13., followed by two other executions.

However, the state is now asking for more time.

In a notice that was just released, the state is asking that all three executions be rescheduled.

Officials are asking for Warner’s execution to be rescheduled for Jan. 15.

Click here to read the delay request for the executions.

Department of Corrections officials say they do not currently have the drugs necessary for the execution, does not have commitments from medical personnel needed for the execution and the new training procedures will not be completed by Nov. 13.

“The additional requested time for all three executions will allow ODOC sufficient time in which to obtain the necessary drugs and medical personnel and to fully and thoroughly train each member of the new execution tea. The additional time will allow ODOC to address any unanticipated contingencies that arise which could impact training such as scheduling issues for the new execution team members. Simply stated, steps remain and continued work is necessary to ensure the State is ready and adequately trained to incorporate all recommendations as contained in the report of Commissioner Thompson,” the report states.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is asking for Richard Glossip’s execution to be rescheduled for Jan. 29 and John Grant’s execution to be held on Feb. 19.

“While we continue to work diligently to meet the mandates of the training required in the protocol, we feel we should not rush the training. We appreciate the Attorney General’s efforts on our behalf and we await the decision from the court,” said Robert Patton, the director of the Department of Corrections.