114-year-old woman lies about age to join Facebook

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LAINVIEW, Minn. — Anna Stoehr was hoping to get all those birthday wishes on Facebook, but she had to lie to get a Facebook account!

Anna Stoehr tried to sign up for Facebook just before her 114th birthday and she was denied.

KARE 11 reports that Facebook would not accept the year of her birth.

Right now, Facebook only accepts birthdays dating back to 1905.

So, she had to fib about her age, and entered the age of 99 on the Facebook sign up page.

“I couldn’t get in because it couldn’t validate. It was way too far back,” said Joseph Ramireza, a Verizon employee who’s been helping her learn about technology.

Stoerh was born before there were phones or cars, but she sure knows how to FaceTime with her friends on her iPad, according to KARE 11.

Stoehr celebrated her 114th birthday on Sunday.

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