Brother of man killed during ‘botched’ execution files lawsuit, claims he was tortured to death

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Clayton Lockett, a convicted murderer, is suing the Oklahoma Department of Corrections over its execution laws.

OKLAHOMA CITY – The brother of a convicted murderer, who was put to death earlier this year, is now suing Oklahoma officials.

Gary Lockett filed a lawsuit against several high-ranking officials related to the death of his brother Clayton Lockett.

In April, Lockett died after something went wrong during his execution.

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In the lawsuit, Gary Lockett claims his brother’s death was “a violation of the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, a violation of innumerable standards of international law, and a violation of elementary concepts of human decency. The barbaric spectacle was a disgrace to the People of the United States of America and brought shame to the State of Oklahoma.”

It went on to say, “In a spectacle rarely seen in the “civilized” world, Clayton Lockett writhed in agony, convulsed, gasped for breath, moaned repeatedly and took approximately 43 minutes to die at the hands of the Defendants.”

The lawsuit claims Lockett was used as a “human lab rat” for a new batch of drugs that had never been used in executions in the United States.

It also alleges that prison officials did nothing after realizing something was wrong.

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“The drugs reserved for Charles Warner were still available while Clayton Lockett was being slowly tortured to death. The Defendants had the ability to administer a fatal dosage and put Mr. Lockett out of his apparent misery, but instead, they made a conscious decision to permit Clayton Lockett to die a slow, agonizing death in order to try it all again later that night on Charles Warner,” it stated.

It also claims that experts had warned officials that the drugs would cause a slow, painful, agonizing death.

Following Lockett’s execution, Warner’s execution was stayed until an investigation could be completed into what went wrong.

Now, the Department of Corrections has implemented new policies and procedures associated with executions in the future.

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