Dogs of murdered Duncan family alive and well

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DUNCAN, Okla. - Lexie and Lanie are two miniature Australian Shepherds that were most likely to witness a horrific crime.

The two dogs were the only ones to make it out of the Hruby family home alive.

The Hruby family were all discovered dead inside their Duncan home Monday morning by the housekeeper.

Early rumors were that the dogs had been killed as well.

"We thought they were until the officers asked if I would take them. We thought they were gone," said Judy Keller, advertising director at the Marlow Review.

Keller and her husband went to the Hruby's house Monday night to pick up the dogs and she says they've been by her side ever since.

She says it was a small consolation after learning of the murder of her boss, his wife and their daughter.

"To be able to hold them and ... it was just special," said Keller.

The dogs always came to work with their owners so they felt right at home in the offices of the Marlow Review.

But Keller says it's evident they've been through a lot.

"I was advised it was a very intense crime scene," said Duncan Police Chief, Danny Ford.

Police remain tight lipped about the crime.

They are not saying exactly how the Hrubys died.

And they have not named a suspect, although the couple's son, Alan Hruby, is in custody for a probation violation.

Court documents show he plead guilty earlier this year to opening a credit card in his grandmother's name. 

Those who knew the Hruby family say they're hoping and praying that their son is not the one who murdered them.

"I don't picture any son being capable of doing that," said Keller.

Keller says one of the dogs, Lanie, was named after Christopher Lane, the Australian baseball player who was gunned down in Duncan.

He was shot not far from the Hruby's home.

She says it's now ironic that Lanie's owners have met a similar fate.

The District Attorney is expected to release more information about the crime later this week.

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