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Five teens charged in Ice Bucket Challenge attack on teen with autism

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Five teenagers are facing charges after they allegedly bullied a boy with autism who wanted to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Authorities say three of the teenagers are facing charges of delinquency, assault and disorderly conduct.

The other two are charged with disorderly conduct.

The alleged suspects are accused of dumping a bucket of human waste and tobacco spit over the teen’s head on Aug. 18.

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The prosecutor’s office said the evidence indicates the five teenagers who are charged were friends with the victim and did things regularly together.

The victim was invited to one of the other boy’s homes to take part in the ALS Challenge.

“The victim and the five charged juveniles were and are friends and classmates. They regularly associate with one another and, at times, engage in distasteful and sophomoric pranks. However, this incident is clearly different. It crossed a moral and legal line, and even the five alleged perpetrators understand that and have expressed regret,” Duane Deskins, the first assistant county prosecutor, said in a statement.

The victim’s family was consulted and agrees with the charges.

“The bucket challenge is supposed to be raising awareness for this disease and now they’ve turned it into a sick joke,” said the victim’s mom. “I just can’t understand why kids would do something this cruel.”

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