In Your Corner: Mailer raising eyebrows across metro

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OKLA. CITY - The notice looks like it could be from your car's manufacturer and implies that your warranty has expired.

We asked Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak to take a closer look.

“More often than not they're a solicitation to purchase a new warranty, a new type of service,” he says.

The card has the name, Vehicle Protection Center, on it.

We know they are a marketing company with a Missouri address.

We pulled their file with the Better Business Bureau.

The company has 231 complaints in the past three years, mainly for warranty and advertising issues and problems with their service.

Doak says, “They're getting lists from maybe auto dealers or from people that have bought cars and they're systematically sending these out,” Doak says. “[They’re] saying ‘Your factory warranty may have expired.’ They really don't know whether your factory warranty has expired or not.”

Here’s the In Your Corner bottom line:

  • The warranty service in question will run you thousands of dollars.
  • There could be major exclusions to the coverage.
  • Before you sign any contract understand the terms and conditions.
  • Call up your regular mechanic and make sure they'll even honor the warranty.
  • Contact OK Insurance Dept.
  • Verify the warranty company's license.
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