Police investigate “demonic vandalism” at Oklahoma church

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WEWOKA, Okla. - No amount of scrubbing can erase the mental images that haunt one Wewoka congregation.

Recently, intruders desecrated the Hilltop Indian Presbyterian Church.

"Somebody had to know something about devil worship because there was a snake-skin wrapped around this pulpit. The rattles were still on it. They had wrote 'God hates us.' We know that's not true," said Kelly Tiger Jr., the church's pastor.

Pastor Tiger calls the desecration of the church 'pure evil' as Satanic symbols marked the walls.

Spiritual pictures and a crucifix were deliberately inverted.

And most troubling to the pastor was a knife buried into the pulpit Bible.

The vandals also stained the church carpet, overturned pews and emptied a fire extinguisher in the nearby fellowship hall.

They even stole the brand new air conditioning unit from a window.

"We said in our prayers it could have been worse. They could have set fire to everything. There's blessing in all situations when you think of what they could have done," Tiger said.

This is a small congregation of about 25 members.

They don't have thousands of dollars to repair and replace everything.

But they will persevere, believing that God is always in control.

"I always raise my Bible when I preach and say, 'We know whose going to be victorious," the pastor said.

Despite the vandalism, this church congregation held a four-hour sermon on Sunday morning.

The message that day was on forgiveness.

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