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Shocking: Metro man’s home and belongings unrightfully seized

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man came home to a shocking discovery after receiving a phone call from neighbors.

It was a foreclosure clean-out that had gone wrong.

Daniel Austin was down in San Antonio when he received an unusual phone call.

"My nice neighbors were letting me know that there was someone on my property," Austin said.

He rushed back to Oklahoma to find that his locks were changed and that he couldn't get into his own home.

"I tried to open my garage door with my sensor and it didn't open," Austin said. "Well it's my house, so I thought, I'm just going to jump through the window," he said.

Once Austin got inside, he found that everything was gone.

"All my material was missing in here," Austin said.

The house had been completely cleaned out - but by whom?

"All I could do was sit and wait for them to return," he said.

And it wasn't long before they did. When a foreclosure clean-out crew returned to the house to finish the job, there was a confrontation that was all captured on video.

"They send you maps from Google... and this is where GPS is off," he said.

Turns out, a crew from Assurance Property Preservation's was sent in to clean out a foreclosed home across the street - a mistake they apologized for immediately.

"Hey bro, how much do you need for your stuff? Because your stuff is in the trash."

In all, Daniel estimates he lost close to $10,000 which he says he can't get back.

"I contacted them for the policy number," Austin said.

The company wouldn't meet with NewsChannel 4 on camera but we were told they're simply waiting to hear how much they owe.

"If they are willing to pay for what they did, I'd be okay with that," Austin said.

Daniel says he reached out to the Sheriff's Office but was told they couldn't take any action because it is a civil matter.

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