Oklahoma State professors awarded knighthood by French Consulate

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OKLAHOMA - Some say if the U.S. had not stepped in during the second World War, our world would be a different place.

Millions of Americans fought and sacrificed for the future of our nation.

And today, two of those brave men were given one of the highest honors the French Government awards.

NewsChannel 4's Andrew Donley traveled to Stillwater, Okla., and spoke with the recipients of the French Legion of Honor.

The French government recognizes contributions made to the Liberation of France during World War II with the French Legion of Honor medal.

It is a way France expresses their gratitude and thanks for America's help.

Vietnam veteran and purple heart recipient, Gary Lewis, says it's like World War II veterans Ron Du Bois and Doctor Lynd who changed the course of history.

"It makes me look at him and I wish we had a guy like you when I was in because it would have been something else," said Gary Lewis.

But he only hears stories of bravery on the battlefield.

"Those gentlemen in that era tend to have the best stories to listen to," said Du Bois.

But it's not the stories Du Bois and Lynd are recognized for, it's their heroic actions.

That's why Lewis arranged his ceremony.

A representative from the French Consulate presented the Legion of Honor medal to both Du Bois and Lynd, stating France's gratitude for their service during WWII.

The medals that rest on Du bois and Lynd's Lapels represent the highest level of distinction awarded by the French government, ranking these two men as knights of the Legion of Honor.

This ceremony took place at the Gardiner Gallery of Art in Stillwater.

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