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Oklahoma college students credited for saving young athlete’s life

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Left-Emily Nicklas, Right-Caitlin Foster Courtesy: SWOSU

WEATHERFORD, Okla. – Two college students are being credited for saving a young athlete’s life.

Emily Nicklas and Caitlin Foster are both in the athletic training program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

While they were helping out at Yukon High School, they noticed an athlete having an allergic reaction.

According to SWOSU Executive Assistant Debbie Brown, the two college students heard a voice behind them say, “I think I need my Benadryl.”

The pair jumped into action when they saw a girl covered in welts.

After the girl received some Benadryl, her allergic reaction became worse.

The girl said she started to feel faint and began sucking for air.

Foster then injected the athlete with an EpiPen and the athlete’s breathing became easier.

Nicklas and Foster stayed with the girl until emergency crews arrived.

When emergency crews assessed the girl’s blood pressure, they found it had plummeted to a dangerously low reading.

They started the girl on an IV of fluids and medication.

According to SWOSU Executive Assistant Debbie Brown, the two college students continued to communicate with the athlete to gauge her level of consciousness until she was transported to the hospital.

“We are extremely proud of our students and the way they represented the SWOSU athletic training program,” said Jessica Young, athletic training program director.



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