Surveillance video: OKC Police search for serial robbery suspect

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police are searching for a serial robber.

The armed thief robbed 3 stores in just 5 days here in the metro.

In two of the three stickups the suspect wore a mask.

The good news is the man wasn't always so careful.

Running in late at night, surprising the clerk while he swept the floor, the armed thief ordered the employee to get behind the register and grabbed his loot at a liquor store near NW 12th and Portland.

Two days later he came into a convenience store near NW 12th and Penn.

In that case, he wore a mask made famous from the movie Scream.

"I thought it was the end," said Lasaundra Robinson. "I thought it was over, I thought he was going to shoot."

Lasaundra had been shopping inside the store when the masked thief struck and began waving his gun around. scream mask robber

"He would point the gun at the clerk and then back at me," said Robinson. "I was standing there like it was freezing outside. I was shaking so bad."

Two days after Lasaundra's scary run-in, the thief came to a store near 37th and south Portland.

Once again the man can be seen wearing the same scream mask while robbing another customer and clerk.

The suspect wore the same clothes and used the same gun in each robbery.

"Everything about him is the same except he's wearing a mask," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight. "He's certainly engaging in a pattern of behavior that is putting the public at risk."

"They need to catch him or he's going to hurt somebody. He's going to hurt somebody," said Robinson.

In all three cases the suspect left without hurting any of the customers or clerks.

Anyone with information on the man in the videos is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (405)235-7300.




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