Reports of missing child lead to father’s arrest

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A father is in custody after his five-year-old son was found living in deplorable conditions.

Police were called to 28-year-old Jessie Parker's home after his five-year-old was reported missing by his neighbor.

According to the police report, the neighbor told police they hadn't seen the child in the past 45 minutes.  The neighbor told police the child chased the ice cream truck down the street and hadn't been seen since.

While interviewing Parker, police noted he was slurring his words and had trouble answering basic questions.

To make sure the child was not hiding inside the house, officers searched the house with Parker.

According to the police report, his five-year-old son didn't have a bed, only a room piled with trash.

Officials say a neighbor had taken the child to a relatives house.  According to the neighbor, Parker gave them permission to take the child with them.

Police say the boy had rotted teeth and had never been to school.

Police placed Jessie Parker under arrest for child neglect.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.