Special Report: Conflicting conclusions involving death of suspect accused of stabbing police dog

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There is new information in a story that has a lot of folks fired up.

It involves an Oklahoma City Police Officer, his police dog, and a 22-year-old suspect who was apparently on the run from police.

Oklahoma City Police SGT. Ryan Stark unleashed his German Shepherd to try to catch Mark Salazar.

Oklahoma City Police Captain Dexter Nelson tells us there were no eyewitnesses.

There was a struggle, that ended with two stab wounds for a trained police dog, and a suspect who was shot six times by police, four of those in the back.

Salazar and the dog ended up dead.

The chase and shooting were first reported on the news that night, within hours of Salazar's death.

The dog was rushed to an animal hospital for emergency treatment.

Tuesday, October 28 at  10 p.m. KFOR  we'll show you the two autopsies and some conflicting conclusions about just what happened during that deadly arrest.




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