Apologetic thief arrested after allegedly targeting elderly victims

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities say an armed thief was arrested after he robbed three people in one day.

MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, says Jammie Appleton followed a pattern.

Knight alleges that Appleton targeted elderly Oklahomans when they were either getting in or out of their vehicles.

One victim, who wanted to remain anonymous, said Appleton blocked her car in a parking space at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, opened her car door and demanded her purse.

He stole $20 from her wallet but gave the purse back to her.

She says before he left, he apologized to her, saying he was desperate for money.

Police say Appelton was also connected to two other crimes in the metro.

"He pushed a gun up against them. One of them he stuck the gun up to a person’s neck, the other he stuck it into their side, threatened to kill them if they did not give him money." said MSgt. Knight

Authorities say they realized who they were looking for after Appleton used a stolen credit card at a casino.

After looking at surveillance footage, officers say they recognized him from a previous encounter.

They were then able to track him down by tapping into the GPS on his phone.

Appleton has been arrested and is facing two counts of armed robbery and one count of strong armed robbery.