Christian couple burned alive in kiln for setting fire to Quran in Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (NBC) – Authorities in Pakistan say a Christian couple were allegedly burned alive in an industrial kiln after they allegedly set fire to several verses of the Quran.

According to NBC, 26-year-old Shahbaz Maseeh and 24-year-old Shama Bibi were attacked by colleagues at the brick factory where they worked.

Mushtaq Gill, chief advocate at Pakistani minority rights group LEAD, said the couple had planned to flee their town with their three young children.

“A mob of several dozen attacked the building where they were,” Gill said. “They broke their legs so they couldn’t run and then threw them in the fire. Only some bones and hair were found at the site.”

Setting fire to religious text is considered blasphemy in Pakistan.

It is technically punishable by death under strict Islamic law.

However, it is common for vigilante mobs to take matters into their own hands.

Police are working to track down those responsible for the killings.


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