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UPDATE: Man arrested after allegedly attacking woman with a machete inside her home

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Courtesy: Oklahoma County Jail

UPDATE: Authorities say they have arrested one man for allegedly attacking a woman with a machete.

Police arrested 36-year-old Sebastian Pritchett for assault with a dangerous weapon.


OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman is in serious condition after she was attacked inside her apartment by two men with a machete.

A friend, whom we'll call Kelly, said, "There's just no reason for anyone to do anybody that way."

The Oklahoma City woman was attacked over the weekend.

Kelly said, "She was hit twice in the head and she has defensive wounds all up and down her arms."

Friends of the victim, Sharon Hickle are in disbelief.

Sharon is currently in ICU.

Her friends don't understand why she would have been targeted.

Kelly said, "She would just help anyone and I don't understand what kind of person would do this to such a nice lady."

Sharon's friends took NewsChannel 4 inside her apartment, where the alleged struggle happened.

The couch is over turned.

Blood covers the floor.

Vases and lamps are now broken.

Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, "There were obvious signs that a struggle took place inside the apartment."

Police were called after the victim made her way to a nearby bar for help.

While they do not have any suspects identified Sharon's friends say she was always helping people.

They fear the attack was carried out by someone whom she tried, but couldn't help.

Police say the attack happened after two men knocked on Sharon's door late at night.

They say it's important for anyone to be careful with unexpected visitors.

Wardlow said, "When you're at home and somebody knocks on the door, rings the doorbell and you aren't expecting anybody obviously, it's always safe to err on the side of caution and not answer the door."

Sharon's friends say the wounds were so deep and severe doctors had to shave her hair off.

She now has dozens of staples holding together the wounds on her head.

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