Reduced to rubble: Authorities investigating what caused Oklahoma landmark to collapse

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BLACKWELL, Okla. - A landmark in northern Oklahoma is reduced to a pile of rubble.

"It must've come down sometime late last night," said Joe Bersche, local Blackwell barber. "But down she went."

The Blackwell Police Department says officers were called to the old Blackwell Printing building, located at 200 block of S. Main St.

City officials believe the old printing building buckled beneath the pressure of Tuesday's rain, and years of neglect.

But for Dorothy Buellesfeld, when it stood, it stood for much more.

"A little bit of my heart died," said Buellesfeld. "It was very sad, as it is for the rest of my family cause they were involved in it also."

Dorothy hail's from the Blackwell Parr family, who owned the shop and supplied the town with their printing needs for decades.

"We sold school supplies, we rented type writers to the high school students," said Buellesfeld. "We helped with everything at the school."

To learn more on the building's history, I took a seat across the street at Bersche's barber shop, who says he's watched the walls crumble for some time.

"It's been that way for a while, we knew it was gonna go," said Bersche. "We just didn't know when."

But Joe says he'll look back fondly on his time inside Blackwell printing.

"They were real nice people, just a good family," said Bersche.

The area around the building has been cordoned off, and a portion of the town's Main St. was shut down.

Fortunately, there weren't any reports of injuries.

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