U.S. Senate seat goes to Republican James Lankford

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OKLAHOMA CITY - According to NBC News, Republican James Lankford has won the U.S. Senate seat.

He went up against Connie Johnson, a Democrat and state lawmaker.

Lankford represented the 5th Congressional District before stepping down to run for U.S. Senator Tom Coburn's unexpired seat.

After winning the U.S. Senate seat, Lankford said he is ready to get to work.

"We've got to deal with staffing, pull together a senate staff.  We have to actually work on committee assignments, start petitioning and say these are the areas we want to work on and getting our structure ready to go.  It's one thing to win, it's another thing to be effective when you get there.  So our focus is let's be effective when we get there," Lankford said.

Johnson was determined to hold onto the race until the last minute.

In a speech, she told her supporters the fight was on.

"In being in the race, looks like I gained perhaps what I never would've gained and that is recognition. We made history being the first African American, the first woman to ever achieve a statewide nomination for the US senate," Johnson said.

She tells News Channel 4 she called James Lankford, her opponent to congratulate him.

"I think this is training ground as with any journey you take the first few steps, you learn and then you keep going, I had planned to run in 2016 anyway, looks like I'll be running anyway in 2016," Johnson said.

Johnson says she'll continue fighting for her core issues that include supporting medical marijuana, the fight for women's reproductive rights, lower unemployment rates, and lower incarceration rates.

"I think as were educating people not only the medicinal benefits, but the disproportionate rate of incarceration because were locking up predominately people of color with simple possession," Johnson said.

Senator Jim Inhofe was re-elected for the U.S. Senate.

"My goal is as I've stated before not just win the senate, but to win the senate with a big enough margin to take care of us in 2016.  That's going to be the tough year.  That's when all the republicans are up.  And so I think the way it looks now we'll have a margin of 3 and that's what you need to make sure nothing bad happens for republicans in 2016," Inhofe said.

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Partial  Lankford Statement:

“Continuing to ignore our tremendous national deficit will not solve the problem. We must agree on a plan of action and then do the work needed to balance our budget and create a better climate for economic growth. 

“Future generations should not have to wonder if the United States will be a world leader in their lifetime. Our nation must lead in national security, business, innovation and morality.  


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