“I feel like I’ve been cheated,” Oklahoma woman claims she was turned away from polls

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - An Oklahoma woman says she was not able to vote on Tuesday because she was locked out of the polls.

Lalana Renard is disabled and unable to drive herself to the polls.

Since she couldn't drive herself, her daughter-in-law, Pam, picked her up and drove the few blocks away to the polling location.

However, when she arrived, she was shocked by what she saw.

Pam and Renard say they made it to the polling place with a few minutes to spare.

"She hopped out of the truck to let the lady know I was coming because I have to use a walker, so I'm slow," Renard said.

She says even though she arrived before the 7 p.m. deadline, election officials had locked the door.

"I get up to the door and the lady locks the door in my face and shakes her head no, even though it was still before 7 p.m.," Pam said.

Renard and Pam were in shock.

"It was 6:54 when we pulled into the parking lot and it was a few minutes before 7 p.m. when we had to leave," Renard said.

Pottawatomie County election officials say they are confident those who were working at the polling locations did everything they were supposed to do on Tuesday night.

"I feel like I've been cheated in my voice being heard, my vote being counted," Renard said.

"I think it's crap. I mean, the fact that she didn't get to have her voice heard, it's not right," Pam said.

Paperwork left on the door shows there were 582 ballots cast at Renard's polling location.

She says her ballot should have been added to that number.

"I was angry because, you know, it's my right to be able to vote. For them to close the polls even five minutes early, it's wrong," Renard said.

"You can't deny my mom her right to vote. If she's here before the cut off time, she should not be denied her right," Pam said.

Pottawatomie County officials say they set all election clocks to the same time and do not believe any location would have closed even one minute early.

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