Gastar CEO responds to neighbors concerns

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Wednesday night we told you about a drilling operation that moved in just feet away from homes, neighbors say bringing in late-night tremors, noise and bright lights.

Since our report aired, we got some answers.

The CEO of Gastar says he doesn't want any problems and is willing to make some changes.

Gastar knows their operation can get loud, they're willing to fix some things, but neighbors say it might be too late to mend their relationship.

"These people have done nothing except basically just kind of run roughshod over us and our concerns and our needs," Laurie Willis says, she lives across from where the rig went in.

"We have to coexist together, and I'm all for oil and gas drilling, but I want them to respect me and not rub my nose in the dirt unnecessarily," Willis said.

The Gastar CEO told us they had not received any complaints, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission said the same.

Willis says they're both wrong.

She complained about soapy water dumped on her land and says others complain about noise.

"There's no bigger pro, drill baby drill. I want them to drill, but I just want them to do it not on top of our houses," Willis said.

We wanted answers for these neighbors, the CEO responded saying, "There is no reason for any of the homeowners in the area of this operation to be concerned for their safety."

We found out a wall just west of the rig  is actually a sound proof barrier.

After the CEO heard about the noise concerns, he says he plans on putting another one right in front of the oil rig

"At lease they've acknowledged that it is creating some kind of noise pollution and they're doing something about it, yeah it's appreciated," Jay Brewer, a concerned neighbor who told us about the rig said.

Gastar invited NewsChannel 4 to tour the rig next week to get a better understanding of the operation.

Neighbors say it may be too late for understandings.

"There needs to be discussion about how close they can be to residents, but I'm not anti-drilling oil, I know it's what the main industry in Oklahoma, the farther away from me the better," Brewer said.

Gastar representatives say the rig at 164th and MacArthur is the first of three wells planned for that area.