Great State: Magician Rob Lake Keeps Magic History in a Secret Warehouse

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NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- We can't tell you where it is.

Magicians are serious about never revealing their secrets.

"I've been doing magic since I was 10 years old," says Rob Lake, "and some of my first illusions are still in here."

But Lake did agree to shed just enough light to make our way around the lair that locks away all his props when he's not touring.

"This is the history of your career tucked into one room," remarks a visitor.

"It is," he agrees. "It's my personal magic collection, magic history, and the history of my show."

He's big time now, performing for huge crowds most of the year.

But Norman, Oklahoma is home, where his magic career began and where even his oldest illusions are still kept.

"I love calling Oklahoma home," he says. "It always has been home. I was born here. I was raised here. It's still where I will always come back to."

You might recognize a few pieces of equipment if you've seen any of Lake's big shows.

His biggest illusion involves this fountain of levitation.

He and his team re-constructed the original 'saw the lady in half' trick, or, at least, got as close as they could.

"This is a replica, a copy," he says. "As best we could of what you would have seen if you had been in that theater when it first appeared on stage."

Lake has another, bigger, chopped lady trick. That apparatus sits against the south wall.

"It's where I cut my assistant into several different pieces," he says.

There's so much to see.

A wooden box holds his assistant's head in one of Lake's shows.

Rob claims a big tank holds water straight from the Bermuda Triangle.

Lake says, "It has very mystical and mysterious properties."

He's using it to work on something new.

The walls are covered with his collection of old magic show posters.

Also here, his collection of antique magician's swords.

"I love history, especially the history of magic," says Lake. "So I collect old artifacts and posters from other magicians, and not very many survive."

It's a big, shadowy room full of secrets, sleight of hand, and magical knowledge.

It might be the coolest warehouse in Oklahoma, but Lake's Lair remains his own to control.

Even here, he reveals only what he wants us to see.

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