“Lebowski” style bowling alley and beer garden in the works in Midtown

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A new vintage-style bowling alley and beer garden is hoping to attract very different audiences.

The bowling alley and beer garden is being built in Midtown, along N.W. 10th St., between Hudson and Walker.

In addition to being a fun atmosphere, organizers say it pays homage to the 90s film classic “The Big Lebowski.”

"I think what you see in a lot of bowling alleys across the country, you see a lot of higher tech with martinis and all of these things, and to me, bowling is about pitchers of beer and having a good time," Elliot Nelson, CEO of McNellie’s Group, said.

That’s why he is taking a vintage approach to the upcoming Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge.

"We still do the manual scoring and it's a little more laid back. It's not serious," Nelson said.

In a month, residents will be able to grab a white Russian cocktail and head over to the bowling lane.

For a completely different theme, grab a beer and bratwurst upstairs at Fassler Hall.

"Munich, specifically Bavaria, is very near to me, part of my family is there. The chance to do a real Bavarian beer hall is something we were really excited about," he said.

Both are a part of McNellie's Group, a Tulsa-based company with a specific business plan.

Nelso says the company wanted to open several restaurants in a small area with their own unique experience.

"It's more exciting for us to be community builders and try to make neighborhoods better than it is to go to a high-traffic area and plop down the same restaurant over and over again," he said.

These new Midtown locations are two of 15 businesses he has opened since 2004.

"As I got further into that process, I looked around thinking other people were going to do things and they didn't, so I kind of said, 'Alright, I built a neighborhood pub,” Nelson said. “Now I need to build a neighborhood."

Dust Bowl Alley and Lounge will be family friendly.

Nelson hopes these new locations will be the beginning of more expansion into the Oklahoma City area.

The 25,000 square-foot facility will likely open in December.