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Gas bandits leave daycare high and dry

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MOORE, Okla --Thieves left Crossroads Kidz Club in Moore, high and dry.

The staff arrived Friday morning, to find 15 passenger vans empty.

Owner, Bryan Musick said, "I ran up to the Conoco and put gas in it and it  just splattered all over my feet. It looked like the gas lines had been cut."

Not just one van, but the entire fleet of daycare vans at Kidz Club.

Auto mechanic, Solomon Lemley told us, "The vans are so close together people can roll underneath them. And without being seen, they just get a knife and slice, then stick a hose in there and start syphoning the fuel into a can or something."

High Tech Auto Services says fuel theft has become increasingly common, especially when gas prices hover around $3 a gallon.

Owner, Audie O'Rorke said, "They have hit our customers cars sitting out back also, two differenet times, So, we've had to repair the customers cars for them."

It's an expensive repair for Bryan Musick, about $500 per van.

Then there's the lost fuel -- more than 100 gallons, plus the headache it's creating to shuffle around dozens of children.

Musick said, "We have to combine van runs, schools have to work with us picking up kids from school, sometimes we have to get rentals."

Musick plans to beef up security here, even install special equipment on his vehicles to deter fuel thefts.

It's a costly and time consuming process for a business that caters to kids.

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