Refund checks raising eyebrows

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OKLA. CITY - Did you get one in the mail?

Checks from AT&T are now landing in mailboxes all across Central Oklahoma.

Tamara Walker thought it was junk mail.

“I wasn't sure what that was,” she says.

Attached to the check is a notice about the ATTM Settlement.

Some people got amounts under a dollar and others received refunds for more than $100.

We know back in June a federal judge approved a large settlement in a nationwide class action lawsuit against AT&T.

It’s alleged AT&T collected sales tax for internet service, which is illegal since internet service can't be taxed.

Tamara says, “I'm questionable about what we truly paid over the years because we were long time AT&T customers.”

AT&T says they thought they were required to collect and submit the taxes to the city and the state.

When it was discovered they weren't supposed to do that, they asked for the money back and issued the refunds.

The In Your Corner bottom line:

The settlement checks are legit!

The amount of your refund payment is based on a number of factors, including your date of service, type of plan, and how much you pay in state and local taxes.

There is a second settlement, but it's not related to these checks.

Last month AT&T agreed to the largest cramming settlement in history and will pay more than 105 million dollars for unauthorized charges that showed up on customer's bills for services like horoscopes, love tips and celeb gossip.

Checks related to that settlement won't likely go out until next year.

You can apply for a refund HERE.


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