Home burglary in Oklahoma City caught on camera

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OKLAHOMA CITY- A home break-in is caught on camera in Oklahoma City.

Two men kicked in the door of a home near I-44 and Penn.

The crime took place in broad daylight, just after noon on Tuesday.

This isn't the first time the victim has had her stuff stolen.

After having her car broken into repeatedly, she set up a surveillance camera.

Now she hopes that video gets two crooks off the streets.

In the middle of the day, a car pulled into victim's driveway.

A security camera hidden in a hole in the garage door looks on.

First the passenger gets out and walks to the homes front door.

Seconds later, the driver notices he might be on camera.

"The driver spotted the camera in the garage door and goes and poked it over," said the victim's friend Tyler Maness. "You know the great thing about cameras is it was stored in the cloud, so it didn't do them any good."

Tyler's friend lives in the home.

Once the suspect's kicked in the front door, the pair tore a TV off the wall, stole numerous electronics and clothes, ransacked the garage and then fled.

The crime also stole the victim's sense of security.

"You know the home should be a safe place but it's scary to see someone ransack the place, it's really scary," said Maness.

A neighbor noticed the break-in and called 911, but by the time police arrived the suspects had gotten away.

Tyler hopes the video is enough to get the duo arrested before they strike someone else's home.

"Definitely did not look like their first time. They kicked in the door without hesitation," said Maness. "By the looks of it, it wasn't their first and won't be their last."

No one was home at the time of the break-in, so no one got hurt.

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