Update: Man accused of holding several people hostage in Norman to be held without bail

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UPDATE:  A judge ruled that Devin Rogers, the man accused of holding several people hostage in Norman, will be held without bail.

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NORMAN, OKla. - The man behind the hostage situation was arraigned in Cleveland County Wednesday.

Devin Rogers is charged with six felonies, including two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping with extortion, and two other counts for using his gun.

He freed the hostages Monday after he worked out a deal with District Attorney Greg Mashburn.

His requests while he was holding people hostage were nothing short of bizarre.

A terrifying scene unfolded inside the Nextep building Monday afternoon.

A woman on the first floor called 911. She saw a gunman, Devin Rogers, take another man hostage, forced inside from the parking lot.

Rogers had a gun to the man’s neck. The woman on the phone said, “he came in, showed me the gun, and he said, ‘call the police.’”

At this point, investigators say Rogers took his hostage, Joe Steadman, to the second floor, where Steadman works.

Another employee, barricaded in an office, called police.

“There’s a man with a gun, a black man with a gun. It’s to one of our building tenants. Has it to his head. He’s trying to get into our office,” the caller said.

In the background of the 911 call, you can hear gunshots.

We now know that was Rogers firing through the glass of the office.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Police arrived, and Rogers told them he wanted to talk to District Attorney Greg Mashburn.

“They escorted me to the command center where they kind of filled me in on what was going on,” Mashburn said.

Rogers told the negotiator a list of things he wanted: 10 years in the state pen, solitary confinement, and his backpack of knives when he gets out.

While strange, Mashburn worked out the deal.

“I found a piece of notebook paper, wrote down the things he was requesting, [and] I signed it and sent it in,” Mashburn said.

Rogers even asked one of the attorneys in the office for a legal opinion.

“He also wanted the lawyer whose office he was in to read it as well, so he did that, and we both signed it and sent it in,” Mashburn said.

Rogers also wanted to have five books of his choice at all times while behind bars. He remains in the Cleveland County jail tonight.

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