Poachers caught spotlighting near local river

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. – Deer hunting season is underway and wildlife officials say they’ve caught five poachers in the act of spotlighting deer.

Spotlighting is when hunters use lights to cause deer to freeze, transfixed by the light in the dark.

The deer are then easy to shoot, which is why spotlighting is considered poaching.

Last Sunday, game wardens found a group of poachers spotlighting near a local river.

A local game warden was able to secure two of the alleged poachers when he made another discovery.

According to a Facebook post from the Wildlife Conservation, the wardens found three suspects in the back of a pickup, trying to unload their rifles.

Officials say they had a laser sighting device and a flashlight mounted on a scope.

Poaching charges are now pending in district court.