Teachers accuse district of choosing political side by email

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Some teachers believe the Oklahoma City Public School district is choosing a political side on the hot button issue of illegal immigration.

One teacher who wanted to remain anonymous said, "We were a little bit disappointed in our school district that it would send such a political email out to us."

The email promotes National Educators Coming Out Day, a campaign in support of undocumented students.

It encourages educators who agree, to take a stand and make it known on social media.

"Sending out an email and asking us to state a pledge and to be supportive and come out and back undocumented students bothered me," the teacher said.

Being against illegal immigration, this teacher feels like their employer is urging them to be part of illegal activity and support political views they disagree with.

"I love the kids and I love to teach but I really don't want to get involved politicizing my teaching," the teacher said.

NewsChannel 4 talked to school administrators about the politically divisive email.

"It's not something that’s politically affiliated. We just wanted to let teachers know this is what's going on tomorrow if you want to be able to participate you can and this is how," said, Deivi Blanco-Santizo Communications Coordinator.

Officials say it was industry information and compared it to other campaigns like National Drug Free Day

"Whenever we have things happening in the national level and we want teachers to know about it,” said Blanco-Santizo

They also pointed out 48 percent of the district’s student body is of Hispanic origin and immigration status is a relevant issue in its schools.

But this teacher believes the government should work to solve the problem not the school district.

"Your teachers care about your kids, they love your kids, we work hard for them and we're going to continue to teach them regardless of what political footballs are thrown out there."

School officials told NewsChannel 4 at least two teachers had questions about the email, but no one expressed disappointment to them directly.

The teachers we talked to believe the district should send out another email clarifying this was optional and refrain from future political emails.


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