Woman held hostage talks about why she believed the suspect would not harm her

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NORMAN,  Okla. - Six felony charges were filed Wednesday against Devin Rogers, including two counts of kidnapping for extortion.

Now, the woman held hostage by the suspect for more than four hours is speaking about the ordeal.

Jennifer McMinn Shokat says it started when a man ran into her office saying there was a guy with a gun in the hall.

Jennifer said, "He opened fire, probably shot 8, 9 shots through the door."

As she and two others fled the suspect entered her office, catching a glimpse of her as she tried to hide.

Police were already swarming to the building at 1800 N. Interstate Drive as Jennifer was jumping behind a desk.

She was attempting to hide from a suspect armed with a pistol.

Jennifer said, "He told me, 'Ma'am, I know you're there. Please stand up.' I stood up. I was crying."

She begged for him to spare her life, but says it quickly became apparent the suspect, Devin Rogers, was not going to hurt her.

Jennifer said, "I was crying and he calmed me down and was like, 'Sweetie, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to do negotiations.'"

Jennifer said, "Any time he felt they were moving in he would tell me to get behind the desk. He said, 'I don't want you to get hurt.'"

SWAT team members made contact with him, but Jennifer says Rogers demanded a negotiator.

She says the SWAT team brought him a phone.

Using a rolling office chair they delivered the phone to the room where he was holidng her hostage.

Jennifer said, "He said repeatedly, "I just want to go to jail, but I want to go on my terms.'"

As police were working to get Jennifer and others in the building out safely Jennifer was talking with the suspect.

Jennifer said, "He was like, "I don't even know what this office building is. What do you do?'"

She said Rogers told her he was a veteran of the Iraq War. He said he had served in Afghanistan.

Knowing the SWAT team was just outside the door, Jennifer said Rogers seemed more concerned about her than himself.

Jennifer said, "Any time he felt they were moving in he would tell me to get behind the desk.

He said, 'I don't want you to get hurt.'"

She says Rogers even asked police to hurry up.

Jennifer said, "He told the police at one point, 'Can we hurry this up? I think Jennifer would like dinner tonight.'"

After more than four hours, negotiators came to an agreement with Rogers and he let Jennifer go.

Jennifer said, "I just ran to the first person I saw. I don't even remember a whole lot of details."

Despite the ordeal, Jennifer says she holds no hard feelings toward the suspect.

Jennifer said, "I definitely felt some empathy toward him. I don't know what happened to this gentleman, but something horrific had to have happened for him to do this and to be this desperate."

Jennifer says she has not met many of those who helped her Monday, but she is incredibly grateful to the Norman Police Department for their efforts to get her out of there safely.

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