“I dont’ know what’s gonna happen,” city prepares to close trailer park

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CHICKASHA, Okla. - A trailer park in Chickasha is on the verge of closing. But those who live inside say they have no other option, and one man claims the city's putting his life at risk.

"The city doesn't want to spend any money out here," said Charlie Helm, who lives in the park. "They didn't make any provisions for the people that didn't have any money."

Charlie is fed up, a little more than a month away from a city ordered 'move-out deadline'.

It was in January of this year that Chickasha city officials say they told residents of the trailer park to move out by December.

But residents were given options.

If they were out by May, the city would reimburse 100% of the moving expenses, and 50% if they were out by August.

But Charlie says he never had the funds, nor the help to even start.

"I'm on disability," said Helms. "At the end of each month, if you've got $20-$30 left in your bank account...consider yourself very lucky."

Both deadlines came, and went.

Now Charlie faces a different problem, a power line in his lawn that's on its last limb.

With a bit of plywood, and some packed in dirt around the base, Charlie says he's done everything he can to keep the power line up.

But take a glance on a windy day and it appears it's just a matter of time before the pole falls.

"My little dogs...if they get tangled up in the wire it'll kill them, electrocute them," said Helm. "It'll short the wiring in the house, if I'm asleep...I'm dead, it'll burn the house down."

City officials maintain they've done all they can to help families in the park, and fixing the power line is Charlie's responsibility.

They also plan on taking legal action against those who haven't moved out before the December 31st deadline.

"I don't have the money to buy a pole, don't have the money to hire an electrician," said Helm. "We don't have a place to go, I don't know what's gonna happen."

The trailer park is owned by the City of Chickasha, and officials say they're closing the park for economic development.

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