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OHP releases video of wild Tulsa chase

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TULSA, Okla. - On Thursday, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol released dash cam video from a chase in Tulsa.

Lawmakers say it's a sign of transparency between citizens and law enforcement agencies.

The chase lasts more than 30 minutes.

Troopers try to pull a man over for passing on the shoulder, but he takes off.

The suspect winds his way from Claremore to the Turner Turnpike.

Troopers throw out stop sticks. The suspect hits them but keeps going.

As the chase continues, troopers try a tactical maneuver to stop him, but he manages to get away.

Minutes later they try again and the suspect crashes.

Lawmen then approach the vehicle with guns drawn.

That is the end of the chase.

Senator David Hold, from Oklahoma City, said, "We've paid for those dash cams, as tax payers, and these law enforcement officers are using a lot of authority that we've given them."

It's video the highway patrol could have kept from us last month, but as of November first had to release under state law.

Brady Henderson, with the ACLU, said, "They're there to hold a citizen accountable for what he or she is doing, but there's a problem, who's there to hold them accountable."

Henderson says what you see on the video is more than just a chase, it's a testimony.

He said, "Providing that record of what happens protects everybody. Most specifically though, it protects whomever is telling the truth, whether that's the officer, whether it's the citizen or whether it's both."

Senator Holt says videos like this matter because transparency is important.

He said, "99-percent of the time the officer is doing the right thing and these videos will only prove that."

Senator Holt pointed out the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was in favor of the change to the law as it made its way through the capitol during the last session.

As for that chase suspect, he was not injured but he was arrested.

Troopers found 14 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.

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