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Officials: Pet owners need to know dangers about cold weather and their furry friends

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OKLAHOMA CITY – If you have been outside this week, you’ve probably noticed a chill in the air.

Now, veterinarians are warning animal owners of the extreme cold weather.

State Veterinarian Rod Hall said livestock can handle cold weather if they are not wet.

However, owners need to provide a place where livestock can take shelter from the wind and wet weather.

Also, make sure there is plenty of good quality forage for them to eat, which keeps their core body temperature in the normal range.

Hall also warns regular pet owners to not forget about their dogs and cats.

Your pets need a dry shelter where they can hide from the wind and get warm.

All animals need clean water at least twice a day, especially during the winter.

Veterinarians say pets can easily become dehydrated in the cold weather.

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