Oh, baby! Adorable videos of dancing and emotional babies go viral

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A tiny dancing queen  boogying to her birthday card has grownups smiling.

Acadia Jamison loves to dance to her musical birthday card featuring “The Hamster Dance”

The 1-year-old is capturing hearts online as her video goes viral.

Little Regan Lupher’s video is also going viral.

However, this 3-year-old shows her sad side.

Whoever thought a movie called “The Chipmunk Adventure” could be such a tear-jerker, and this was the second time that Regan  had seen it.

The part where a baby penguin is reunited with its family really got to her.

It reminds us of Marie Lynn Larue.

She was dubbed “The Emotional Baby” for the way she repeatedly reacted to just this one song her mom used to sing.

These babies will have you laught till you cry or maybe crying till you laugh.

Watch the video player above to see these little cuties.




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