No co-hosts have been fired from the “Today” show

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Natalie Morales and Willie Geist have not been fired from the “Today” show.

Writing that sentence feels awkward, because simply saying their names and the word “fired” sets off all sorts of alarm bells.

But it’s a necessary thing to write because gossip web sites are ablaze with rumors about cast members this week. Let me reiterate: No “Today” show co-hosts have been fired.

Yet, there’s at least a kernel of truth to the rumors: changes are likely at NBC’s “Today,” which has been struggling to take back its first-place status from ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

For a while now, there’s been speculation in TV news industry circles that Morales, who’s been the news anchor for the past three years, could be replaced by Tamron Hall or Josh Elliott.

There’s also been speculation that Geist, a co-anchor of the third hour of “Today,” could make a move to CBS.

But Us Weekly’s claim Wednesday morning that the two were “fired” in a “massive shake-up” is false, according to NBC executives and people close to Morales and Geist.

NBC is preparing to issue a statement to that effect.

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