Lessons learned by Oklahoma students help children around the world

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MOORELAND, Okla. - Lessons learned by some hardworking students in one Oklahoma classroom in Mooreland, Okla. can be felt thousands of miles away.

NewsChannel 4's Meg Alexander and Jim Norton Toyota take a closer look at this school  in  our segment 'What's Right with Our Schools".

Inside the classroom of Melinda Arney's Spanish class at Mooreland Junior and Senior High School, students are learning more than a second language.

Over the past couple of years, the students have been helping children thousands of miles away through 'Operation Christmas Child'.

Arney believes that by learning another language and exposing students to other cultures, good things will happen.

Principal Ron Wilson says students in his school are go-getters and are always ready to help.

Our sponsor, Jim Norton Toyota, proudly presented the school with a check for $600.

Mooreland Junior and Senior High School is just another great example of "What's Right with Our Schools".


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