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Flames or feast: simple tips for a safe thanksgiving

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OKLAHOMA – The last thing anyone wants is to burn Thanksgiving dinner, much less the house you’re eating it in.

Deep fryers are known to be especially dangerous when it comes to frying turkeys.

Brian Stanaland with the Oklahoma City Fire Department says if done wrong, it could cost you more than the price of the bird.

“What you’ve got to think about is you’ve got an open flame below a large pot of grease.” Stanaland said.

It could either be a recipe for disaster or deliciousness.

“These fires are very explosive by nature.” Stanaland said

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, Stanaland says there are a few steps to follow carefully when using an open flame deep fryer.

  1. Fill a pan with water to measure the amount of oil needed.
  2. Place the turkey into the pan.
  3. Fill it up to a safe point and make sure the turkey is covered.
  4. Pull the turkey out.
  5. Then locate the water on the side of the pan and then mark the pan.
  6. Pour the water out, wipe it clean of any water and then when you put the oil in, you`ll want to fill it to that line, so when you put the turkey in it, it won`t boil over.

Once the turkey is unwrapped and ready to go, double check to see that it`s completely thawed; Stanaland says you won’t like what happens if it’s not.

“They’ve been known to launch out of there.” Stanaland said.

Follow these tips and you’ll ​keep your bird grounded, without having to make decisions on the fly.

“During the holidays we would urge people to have a good time enjoy your friends and family, but do so safely think about safety, keep safety at the back of your mind.” Stanaland said.

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