Community remembers baby who died in Guthrie fire

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Courtesy Guthrie News Page

GUTHRIE, Okla. –   A community is remembering the baby who died in last week’s fire in Guthrie, Okla.

High winds, cold temperatures and rain didn’t deter a group of about 30 people who gathered outside the charred remains of an apartment building where a nine month old baby died last week.

Harlem Lee died in the fire that broke out around 3:30 in the morning last Wednesday at the apartments at 902 N. Pine in Guthrie.

Most of the people didn’t even know Harlem or her parents, but they huddled in the cold to hold a candlelight vigil for the tiny victim of the fatal fire.

“And not only to lose everything, but then to lose your baby girl, I can’t, can’t imagine,” said Alyssa Hughes, who helped organize the vigil.

“Showing the family they’re not alone, that there are people who care even if you don’t know them. You know, it could be any one of us in this situation,” said Pam Richardson, who bought a hundred candles for the vigil.

Richardson’s daughters, Madalyn, 6 and Natalye, 9, spent 2 days decorating the shells for the candles.guthrie fire 2

“I put stuff like flowers and I wrote God bless America and I just thought of whatever I could think of and drew it on there,” said Natalye Emmons.

Allie Hall lives in a house next to the apartments and witnessed Harlem Lee’s mom’s agony first hand the morning of the fire.

“She would take of running back to the apartments and then you know cops would take her back to the cop car and then she would take off again. She was wrapped in a blanket and just screaming. I mean you could hear her over everything,” said Hall.

Even the crew from the Guthrie fire department that battled the blaze showed up to the candlelight vigil.

“I think they just all really care about what happened. They feel bad about it. They wish that there was more they could do,” said Erin Jones, Battalion Chief with the Guthrie Fire Department.

A go fund me site has been set up for donations for Harlem’s family.

So far, people have donated more than five thousand dollars.

The cause of the fire has not been determined.

The fire destroyed 6 apartment units and left about a dozen people homeless.


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