Friends mourn hit and run victim

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Friends and family of an ex marine who was hit and killed along the side of Interstate 44 are calling for justice.

Richard Wells, 34, was struck by a car around 3:30 Sunday morning while he was walking on the side of the highway just west of May.

Someone driving by after the accident saw the body and called for help.

Wells' friend, Johnathan Suske, had been out driving looking for him.

"I seen the cops, the flashing lights, I actually started to pass them. And I didn't know because there was cars pulled over. I thought maybe there had been an accident," said Suske.

He didn't realize he was passing the scene of his friend's death.

Suske and other friends are left wondering who hit Wells and then just kept on driving.

"Accident or no accident, there's no, I mean turn yourself in. You know because that's a human being, that's not like no dog, just to hit and run and leave it. That was a human being and he was left out there for dead until some other bystander come by and called the cops," said Belinda Talton.

His friends describe the former marine as a great guy who was always helping others.

"He would do anything for anybody. My heart just is broken because of it," said Talton.

"He would help anybody and everybody, even to taking the shirt off his back to give to another," said Suske.

They're hoping whoever did this will come forward.

"How can you leave somebody for dead out there and just go on about your every day life knowing that you killed somebody?" said Talton.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

So far, they have no leads and no suspect vehicle description.

If you have any information, give them a call.


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