Oklahoma Satanist backing out of controversial Satanic monument project

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma group of Satanists who were working to help get a monument to Satan placed at the State Capitol are now backing out.

"Why would I want to give a small child nightmares and destroy their psyche with a monster," said Satanist Adam Daniels.

Adam Daniels and his wife Kelsey worship the devil and even run a Satanic church at their home.

Known for their controversial annual Black Mass services, the pair caught the eye of The Satanic Temple out of New York earlier this year.

Last January, the group asked Kelsey Daniels to sign a permit application so a Satanic monument could be placed at the State Capitol.

At the time, the couple supported the project.

"We're going to set it up and if it gets up there people are going to have to look at it," Daniels said last May. "You`re going to have to look at it in the face."

Now, the couple has changed their tune.

"I never wanted to really be a part of the concept of putting Baphomet here in the first place," said Daniels.

He and his wife now want her name removed from the application.

The couple's partnership with the New York Satanists has ended because Daniels said children were involved.

"The first thing was putting the children with the Baphomet statue to begin with as a design" said Daniels. "Then the controversy over in Florida where he designed the children's books, Satanic children's book for little kids."

For this Satan worshiper, it all stops when children get involved.

"One of the rules in Satanism is do not harm little children." said Daniels .

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