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Dog waits for months for owners to come home after deadly explosion

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – For five months,  a dog waited for its owners to come home after a deadly house explosion.

On June 4, a home in a south Kansas City neighborhood exploded after the people inside were allegedly making illegal fireworks.

Wiley Mitchell Jr., 52, lost both his legs and an arm in the blast. He died days later from his injuries.

According to KCTV, another man was critically injured.

“Once the house had exploded, the family never came back because of the tragedy,” said Lori Lamb, with the Rescue Project.

While the family never came back, one member never actually left.

One dog survived the blast and never left the spot where the house once stood.

Neighbors believe she was simply waiting for her family to come home.

The injured, skittish dog eluded concerned neighbors, animal control and rescue groups for weeks.

“She obviously had the will to live. She had hope to live,” Lamb said. “That’s the reason why we named her Asha because it stands for hope.”

Eventually, Asha was caught in a rescue group’s trap and taken to a veterinary clinic.

“We have a lot of people just ready to see that happy ending for Asha,” said Rachel Hodgson, with the Great Plains SPCA. “She has gone through so much and she is still a sweetheart.”

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