Great State: Grandfield Man Turns Farm Junk to Fine Furniture

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GRANDFIELD, OKLAHOMA -- The history of farming in the 20th Century sits on an old homestead north of town, rusting very slowly.

"I get excited about this stuff," says T.J. Josefy. "I have opportunity in this yard."

T.J. Josefy wanders this combine and tractor graveyard often, looking for pieces that fit his ideas for something other than their original purpose.

"I don't know until I see it," he says while poking around. "

Some of these hunks of metal sat for at least a half-century.

T.J. grew up on this farm.

His brother still grows cotton and wheat here.

Josefy moved away to be a cop for a few years, then a freelance actor and cameraman in Los Angeles.

Coming home meant coming here to poke around.

He eventually found inspiration in the twists and turns of his own history.

Josefy says, "Part of this is a way to honor what they've done,"

The old metal he pulled comes here to his grandfather's shop in Grandfield.

He took the weathering off first.

Then he put the pieces back together in a different way.

"You won't find drawings for anything in here," he says. "Because the design is dictated by the part."

At first he built furniture out of necessity.

Metal came from scrap.

Wood he needed came from an old barn.

"I built this stuff for myself because I had a house and it was empty," he laughs.

Iron wheels became coffee table bases.

Combine teeth became a chair.

A hay rake became a throne fit for a 'King of Thrones'.

Josefy explains, "I want to tell it's story. I don't want it just sitting out there somewhere."

T.J. Josefy turned his own Oklahoma farm history into something he could bring closer, right into the house.

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