Local non-profit Pays It 4ward to a single working mother of 6

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Infant Crisis Services is a godsend to thousands of Oklahoma City parents and children.

The non-profit privately funded group provides free formula, diapers and clothing to 20-thousand infants and babies throughout the metro.

For 30 years this has been their mission.

Courtney is one of those who qualify for this special service.

She is a single working mother of six escaping a bad situation.

Also, one of her children is autistic and the baby has a medical condition that requires special formula and surgery.

She gets that formula at the non-profit, along with clothes and diapers.

She is special in her own way, that's why Miki Farris, Executive Director Infant Crisis Services nominated her for a special holiday Pay It 4ward.

"Just a quiet loving nature,” Farris says of Courtney.  “6 kids, going through a divorce, working hard to keep everything together. But just a gentle quiet spirit and very grateful for everything she receives and just said it had been a really, really tough year for them."

Faith Clune with Spirit Mortgage handed off the money to Miki so she could Pay It 4ward.

"During these times and being a mother myself I can think of no better person than Courtney," said Faith.  “The way you all have described her situation and her 6 children, I can't wait to meet her and surprise her. So on behalf of our Spirit Mortgage family and Channel 4 we have an extra holiday one hundred dollar bill for you. It's 500 today."

Even though she is very touched and thankful for the special $500 Pay It 4ward to help her and her children, Courtney told us a story that gives her faith this is all part of a larger plan.

"You guys probably won’t believe me but it's true to me.  I tell you every time it happens. Whether it's a payday coming up or something.  My hand was itching this morning.  I was like I don’t have any money. That’s exactly what I said.  I swear every time something's coming," said Courtney.

I asked Courtney what she attributes her fortune to and she gave a one word answer, “God."

Her message to others facing similar challenges: Have faith and  know there are people out there who care.

Click here to nominate someone for Pay It 4ward.

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