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Neighbors unite to stop package bandits in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY -  Around the holidays, many homeowners are forced to keep an eye out for thieves.

"In our neighborhood, we've had several people have packages stolen right off the front porch," said Kevin Moore, the homeowner's association president.

Leather boots, laptops and fruit baskets have all been pilfered from  doorsteps.

However, one Oklahoma City neighborhood is taking a stand against thieves.

Some 200 homeowners here share crime data on the "Next Door" app.

"I get alerts on my phone immediately when something has happened or is happening," Moore said.

Users can post suspect descriptions, photos and even security video.

"It's helpful because it's immediate. You don't have to wait for it to be printed and you can stay up-to-date on everything," said Iman Hefner Bergoan.

Experts say more than 500 million packages will be delivered this season, which is ample opportunity for thieves to raid a few doorsteps.

However, residents in this neighborhood have a message for the bandits.

"We watch for each other. We call each other up if something is fishy," said Bergoan.

In fact, a quarter of the neighborhood is using "Next Door."

"I really love the app. It's transformed the way I view my community, neighbors helping neighbors," said Moore.

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