Local developer takes modern approach to 1920s neighborhood

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A neighborhood that was supposed to become a commercial space was revamped when the developer took a different approach.

Hidden in a tiny northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood, a symmetrical vision stands out among traditional homes.

"What I loved about this is it's a tucked away quiet neighborhood right in the center of the city, urban," said David Wanzer, developer of Meadowbrook Acres.

After purchasing the land in 2008, the Meadowbrook neighborhood is finally taking shape and getting the attention of would-be buyers.

Dan Molina and his wife knew they were looking for a modern home and expected to find it downtown.

"They were looking for something different," Wanzer said.

However, they never knew they would find their dream location just a few miles away.

"We come down Western Ave., we take a left by the Split-T Sonic sign and come to this lot that's totally overgrown," said Molina.

After looking at digital renderings of what their property could be, the couple purchased the home.

"It was just like a blank canvas. You know, we just threw some colors up, threw some textures up and built what we thought would be a pretty cool kitchen," Molina said.

Just a block away, Wanzer says he is building another community.

It will have a different design but with the same modern feel.

"What's important to me when I design is a very open space with lots of natural light,” Wanzer said. “What you'll see is high windows that always give you a connection to the outdoors."

However, those designs don't come cheap.

These high-end homes will cost you about $250 per square foot.

Wanzer said there will be eight more lots built in Meadowbrook Acres.

The next micro community on N.W. 57th St. and Western Ave. should be finished by the spring of 2015.

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