Vandals target Oklahoma church near OU campus

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Courtesy: Derrick Ott

NORMAN, Okla. – An Oklahoma church is cleaning up after someone vandalized the house of worship.

“Whatever drove them to do that, we believe that the church has an answer to that and that answer happens to be the love of God,” said Pastor Linda Harker.

Graffiti covered signs, doors and the pillars leading up to the McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church in Norman.

Also, 666 was spray painted onto the wall of the church.

Harker believes the person behind the vandalism must be hurting.

“They’re having a rough time, I guess,” she said.

The church is gearing up for Christmas and Harker says they would welcome whoever did this during their time of need.

“They didn’t know what to do with their time. We can give them something to do in a positive way,” she said.

With the help of some elbow grease and a power washer, the graffiti is now gone.

However, she says the person behind the crime will remain in their prayers.

“This morning, one of our children by the name of Andrew, we have prayer cards that we put in our pew, and he handed this to me as he went out. And he says, ‘Please pray for the person who vandalized our church. Help him or her feel happy and not under distress.” Harker said.

She says she sympathizes with the child and says before the church takes any legal action, she’d  like to sit down with the person responsible.

“To try to talk to them about what’s going on in your life that would drive you to do something like this and hopefully, we could have a conversation about a God of love that shows us a better way to live than that,” Harker said.

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