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“It’s just not enough,” school officials outraged after botched call in state playoff game

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Touchdown turmoil, an Oklahoma City school is crying foul after a botched penalty that may have ended their season.

Douglass High School says the refs took a touchdown away with a minute to go in their state quarter-final game, and now they want a second chance.

It wasn't your typical pep rally outside of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) Monday afternoon.

"We`re tired of I`m sorry," said Tony Wise, who joined in the protest. "It's just not enough."

Parents and staff of Douglass held signs outside the OSSAA building, enraged that their team was eliminated from the playoffs after the touchdown that should've been counted.

Douglass trailed Locust Grove by one point with just over a minute to go, when Patrick McKaufman connected with Quasean Sims, who turned the short gain into a long go-ahead touchdown.

But soon the score was no more, taken away due to a sideline infraction.

The problem is, by OSSAA rules, the touchdown should've counted with the penalty going into effect either on the extra point or the ensuing kick-off.

"The adults, they have expectations for us, so we have expectations for them," said Anthony Jackson, Douglass High football player. "They should change it and make it fair."

"It's about making a mistake and correcting it," said Head Coach, Willis Alexander. "Recognize it, admitting to it, and correcting it."

OSSAA apologized after the game, stating that the crew has been reprimanded and removed from further OSSAA playoff games.

However, because of their policies regarding protesting an official's error, the final score will stand.

But OKCPS say they will continue to protest.

They're now asking that the game either be replayed starting at the controversial score, or that the teams meet for a new game all together.

"We will no longer tolerate ignorance and unlearned lead officials to officiate our kids' games," said Wise.

OSSAA has scheduled a special board meeting to hear the school's complaint, for this Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.