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Preliminary hearing underway for former Oklahoma County detention officer

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. - It’s been nearly a year since a former Oklahoma County detention officer was accused in the death of an inmate.

Now, a judge is deciding whether he should stand trial.

Andres Sanchez is charged with second degree manslaughter.  He is accused of using excessive force.

Emmett Martin was in jail on a contempt of court violation.

Investigators say he became combative and was taken down by Sanchez.

Sanchez was the shift commander in charge of the jail that night.

His use of force on an inmate was captured on video.

Prosecutors showed it in his preliminary hearing Monday.

An instructor with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office told the court Lt. Sanchez used excessive force when he tried to contain an inmate in December 2013.

Martin had only been behind bars a few days before he died in the Oklahoma County jail.

He was being held on the 13th floor in the suicide prevention unit.

One night when jailers went to deliver his orange jumpsuit, they say he didn’t cooperate.

He’s seen on video sticking his hand outside the door of his cell so jailers couldn’t close it.

That’s when Lt. Sanchez got involved. He and a few other detention officers took Martin to the ground and cuffed him.

The video shows Sanchez putting his knee across the back of Martin’s neck, pulling his handcuffed wrists high over his back.

Martin was taken to a clinic. His arm had been bent the wrong way.

The medical examiner said Martin’s elbow and right shoulder were dislocated and there was massive hemorrhaging.

He also had several fractured ribs, which punctured his lung.

The ME ruled his death a homicide.

If convicted, Sanchez faces 2 to 4 years in prison.