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Video: Teen with cystic fibrosis uses humor to show people the truth about her illness

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LOS ANGELES –  A 17-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis is keeping a positive outlook about hospital ‘perks.’

Claire Wineland goes into the hospital for about two weeks every two to three months due to complications, according to PEOPLE.

Claire says friends sometimes tell her how bad they feel for her.

“I just want to live in the moment,” she told PEOPLE. “Why does it have to be so miserable?”

Using humor, the teen wants to show people the truth about her incurable illness.

On her latest YouTube video, Perks of Going to the Hospital, she jokes about room service, unlimited Wi-Fi, and the constant supply of junk food.

“I want to show people that the hospital does have its moments,” Claire said. “The hospital is just a place, and even though it does have fluorescent lighting and white walls, it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.”

Click here to learn more about Claire and the non-profit organization she founded.


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