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Construction halts after NewsChannel 4 investigates

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Metro residents call it a traffic nightmare. May Avenue has been bumper-to-bumper gridlock.

Surrounding businesses and motorist may see some changes as early as tomorrow thanks to NewsChannel 4.

This year is already a problem but since we talked to the city they've agreed to give Oklahomans an early Christmas present by delaying construction until after the holidays.

There's a traffic nightmare for drivers on May between 36th and Wilshire

"Oh my God it`s been so heavy!" One driver says.

The increase in traffic is probably because of new sidewalks the city is installing as part of a project called MAPS3.

"Since I live right here, but we know this is a really busy intersection, we're thrilled about the sidewalks," Nikki Spencer says.

Some are not thrilled.

"I mean it's irritating sometimes because people don't know how to drive," Chantel Jones said.

We went to the city to bring up the problem.

"After you contacted us, we talked about it, and we realized there are a lot of business that are having problems and drivers that are having issues along May Ave," Kristy Yager a City of Oklahoma City representative says.

For Oklahomans in this area relief is here.

"We've asked Rudy Construction who is doing the contracted work to stop doing the work, open up the lane and move onto another project," Yager says.

"That`s very considerate of them," Matthew Burrell, a driver said.

"I guess that will help, hopefully it will cut down on traffic," Rachell Dorsett says.

The project will start up again after January 1 those who were thrilled about the sidewalks have this to say.

"I lived in LA and this is literally nothing," Blake Overstreet said.

"Quit griping and be grateful," Spencer says.

This particular area of the project only has about 10 days left.

Crews will resume construction and lane closures after January 1.