Family jumps to safety after vicious fire destroys apartment building, many residents displaced

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A vicious apartment fire in southwest Oklahoma City forced a family to jump to safety Monday night.

Emergency crews were called to a three alarm fire at Brookwood Village Apartments just after 9:15 p.m.

A number of lives were saved, thanks to some persistent teenagers.

Crews are still investigating the cause and the building where the fire started is a total loss.

On Tuesday Ernesto Garcia was digging through the damage, saving whatever he could.

"Here is my cowboy hat and my boots,” said Garcia.

He said he’s thankful to be alive, along with his 12-year-old cat.

"I've had her for long time and I love her,” said Garcia.

He was in the shower when he heard a banging at his door.

He said two mystery teenagers came running from across the street,

"They saved many lives because they knocked on every single door and they didn't give up until I got out of my apartment,” said Garcia.

Fire crews said the fast moving flames trapped a family on the second story.

"They jumped out of the southwest corner of the fire structure," said Deputy Chief Marc Woodard.

A father had to throw his daughter down to neighbors standing below, then he and his wife jumped to safety.

"It looks like their injuries are minor so thank goodness they're going to be ok," said Woodard.

Folks nearby stood in awe of the smoke and flames.

"The blaze had turned into a furnace. It was so hot, I was standing 30 feet away and I could feel the heat from it."

Crews are still trying to pinpoint the cause of the fire.

Garcia, now without a home, is learning a big lesson.

"First thing, get insurance because I don't have it. I never thought something like that was going to happen,” said Garcia.

His neighbors are offering support for all of the folks affected.

"I sympathize with them and I hope they can get their life back together soon."

Nine apartments in the building are damaged.


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